Chloe Hingley


Prior to joining BSB Solicitors, Chloe trained and qualified at a leading London criminal defence practice where she gained experience in all aspects of criminal defence and extradition law.

Chloe has successfully defended clients whose extradition has been requested by a range of states for offences including murder, rape, serious violent offences, large-scale fraud, serious drug offences and theft. She has experience in extradition proceedings both a Westminster Magistrates court and in the High Court where her clients’ have been successful in persuading the court that they face human rights violations if they are removed from the UK. She has also established key working relationships with lawyers in other jurisdictions, ensuring all avenues are explored for clients facing extradition.

Chloe has developed her criminal defence practice and manages a demanding yet varied caseload, including experience in Court Martial proceedings. She is a fully accredited Police Station Representative who regularly attends Police Stations across London to advise clients following their arrest and for voluntary interviews.

Chloe has an interest in rehabilitation and has previously volunteered for a charity project involving mentoring female offenders prior to and after their release from prison. She also writes for a start-up true crime magazine.

Chloe is on the legal reference panel for a charity who hold the state to account for violence against women and girls. She represents women who have killed their abusive/violent partner and is strongly committed to representing those who have been criminalised when challenging their abuser.

Chloe has previously mentored female offenders prior to and after their release from prison, and understands the vulnerabilities surrounding female offenders who are not adequately protected by the criminal justice system.


  • Young Legal Aid Lawyers (YLAL)
  • Amicus; a charity assisting with representation for individuals on death row
  • Defence Extradition Lawyers Forum
  • London Criminal Solicitors Courts Association

What our Clients have said about Chloe

“BSB solictors is hands down the best solicitors in london, they handled my case extremely well and professionally i cannot recommend any other firm. Special thanks to Chloe a talented, honest and amazing solicitor who resolved my case and got me the best result that day in court.

I wish to wholeheartedly thank BSB Solicitors and in particular Chloe Hingley for her honest, professional and swift approach to resolving a matter that could have had serious consequences for me.She took a great load off my shoulders!” 

“Chloe Hingley is extremely helpful and efficient, and kindly and patiently listened to and answered all my queries during a very stressful time. Her advice and attention to detail led to a great outcome and I could not have asked for more from her and BSB”

“I want to post a huge thank you to my daughters solicitor Miss Chloe H for helping and supporting them when they were wrongly accused of ABH. My daughters found this very stressful having this allegation against them, but Chloe made them feel at ease with her kind, helpful and caring approach and with her outstanding expertise the case was dropped”. 

“I had the prospect of a criminal prosecution and sought the advice of BSB Solicitors on what to do. With Chloe and her team I explained the events of my situation and why I was being wrongly prosecuted. Chloe listened to the events and gave clear advice on what to do to prove my innocence. I followed this and Chloe prepared absolutely everything which was a weight off my mind. The end result was a successful dismissal of proceedings which I am so grateful for. I really appreciated the help Chloe and her team provided. Thank you.” 

“My solicitor was Chloe and I can not praise her enough. She was so incredibly supportive and helpful to me from the start to the finish. She was professional, reassuring, caring and had so much empathy. She was extremely down to earth, and went out of her way to help me, accommodate for me, always made herself available, and literally made me feel like she had all the time in the world for me! She was so easy to talk to and genuinely made me feel like she was doing her best to help me and do everything she could do in her power to help. She really made this incredibly stressful period in my life a little easier knowing I had the support and backing of a professional who was doing their best to help me. I simply can not thank or recommend Chloe enough.”

“As soon as Chloe took over my case she reviewed in full detail and came to her professional judgement that tfl’s persistence to pursue the prosecution route was uncalled for and made further representations to tfl. Her preparation to the granularity of the facts was impeccable. It was clear that Chloe’s arguments were well thought of and were very persuasive. Chloe’ s determination for seeking the right justice worked and tfl dropped the case for prosecution.”

“After many anxious hours being detained at a police station, I met Chloe Hingley from BSB Solicitors, and I immediately felt at ease. Her very professional and caring manner put my mind at rest. She seemed to have a great deal of empathy as this was my first time in police custody”

She gave me great advice and I am very relieved to say the end result was exactly what I wanted, and no further action was taken. I would wholeheartedly recommend BSB Solicitors”

AW ( March 2018)

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