Barristers’ Strike Action

With effect from 27th June 2022 barristers in England & Wales will be taking industrial action in order to protest against what they see as the deteriorating state of the criminal justice system.

A form of action, known as “no return” is already in place, but further measures are being taken in order to force government back to the negotiating table.

Barristers and solicitors have been offered a remuneration uplift said to amount to 15%, a figure disputed by our professions a total package worth closer to 25% is more appropriate . This, , will stem the exodus of talent from the criminal defence sector  a proper supply of advocates able to prosecute and defend cases, and in due course pursue judicial careers.

From Monday 27th June, the following action will be taken

  1. Continuation of “no returns”, means that barristers will not step in to cover the cases of colleagues. This measure has already caused widespread disruption and delay to many cases.
  2. Not accept instructions in new cases. This major escalation will lead to delays in thousands of cases over the next few weeks.
  3. Walk out from court for two days, with this escalating further in subsequent weeks. This step will effectively bring most courts to a complete halt.


We are supportive of this action . We feel that the government have led to this situation by failing to invest in legal aid and the wider justice system. As a firm, we will closely monitor the situation and ensure all of our clients are kept up to date with what is happening and the impact it might have on their cases.

How can we help?

 We ensure we keep up to date with any changes in legislation and case law so that we are always best placed to advise you properly. If you would like to discuss any aspect of your case, please contact our team of criminal defence solicitors on 02078373456 .



Image credit: “Barristers getting ready” by ian02054 is licensed under CC BY 2.0.