Parental Dilemmas That Could Land You in Prison

It is a nightmare scenario that potentially any parent could face. A child returns home, late at night in an agitated state. He hurriedly tells you that he has been in a fight, it wasn’t his fault, but someone has been hurt, badly. Further details are not forthcoming, but he thinks the police will be … Continued

Can I get a suspended prison sentence?

A suspended sentence is a term of imprisonment that is suspended so that you do not go into custody immediately and will not go into custody if you comply with the conditions attached. Who can get a suspended sentence? In the Magistrates’ Court, any sentence of 6 months’ imprisonment (12 months for two or more … Continued

Forced Marriage

Coercing someone into marrying another for some financial or societal benefit is illegal.

Companies and Bribery

Section 7 of the Bribery Act 2010 makes it an offence for a company to bribe another with the intent of obtaining or retaining business or to gain an advantage in business.

Do I have to give the police my phone PIN?

The simple answer is no, but there are potential consequences in certain circumstances. When can they ask? It is arguable that the police could ask you whenever they wanted for your PIN, you can always say no. The critical issue is whether they can take further action if you say no. When can they take … Continued

Assaults on Emergency Workers

Is there a specific offence? Until now the only specific offence has been that of assaulting a police officer. This is a summary only offence which carries a maximum of 6 months imprisonment. There has always been an option to charge an offender with more serious offences, such as actual or grievous bodily harm, if … Continued

Why was Ben Stokes found not guilty ?

Who is Ben Stokes? He is the England cricketer who was charged with affray and acquitted by a jury. But the video showed him hitting someone? It did, his defence was that he was acting in self-defence, you can hit someone and still be not guilty of an offence in certain circumstances. Why did the … Continued

Will I be granted bail?

This article refers to adults, the law for youths is different. Do I have a right to bail? The starting point is that you have a “right” to be granted bail. This right can only be taken away in certain circumstances. These circumstances being that the court has substantial grounds to believe that if you … Continued

The Death Penalty and Extradition

In the UK we have not had the death penalty for over 50 years. The last hanging in England took place in 1964 when Peter Allen and Gwynne Evans were hanged for the murder of John West, 15 months before the death penalty was abolished. Since then there has been a long-held opposition to the … Continued

Cliff Richard, Privacy and the Data Protection Act

In July 2014 the BBC filmed a search of Sir Cliff Richard’s property by the South Yorkshire Police. He was not arrested for any offence. South Yorkshire Police provided the BBC with information that enabled them to be present at the scene. The disclosure given was that he was under investigation and the date, time … Continued