The Team at BSB Solicitors have vast experience and expertise in advising and representing clients charged with sexual offences. We understand the sensitive nature of these allegations and ensure that this is reflected in the advice given and conduct of your case.

What Are Sexual Offences?

This is a sensitive area of law. Allegations of sexual offences can be difficult to defend because of the public attention they attract. The nature of the crimes can mean that it is the claimant’s word against the accused. The impact of an allegation of a sexual offence can be particularly devastating. As such, it’s important to contact solicitors who are experienced in defending such cases.

We understand that facing allegations of this nature requires first-class specialist defence lawyers providing legal advice, skills, representation and support. These cases require careful, thorough investigation and preparation. At BSB, our specialist lawyers are not only experienced within this area of the law but offer a service which is pro-active, discreet and professional. Additionally, we offer specialist and sensitive advice on post-conviction orders such as the Sex Offenders Register, Sexual Offences Prevention Orders (SOPA), and orders preventing communication/working with young people.

Many of our clients accused of a sexual offence have never previously been involved in legal proceedings. The consequences of such an allegation being made, whether you are found guilty or not are huge for you and your family and may have serious implication for the rest of your life. This is why we take these cases seriously.

If you are convicted of a sexual offence, you will be required to sign the sexual offences register, often for many years. You can in certain circumstances apply for removal from the register .

Investigating and prosecuting rape cases

Recent Sexual Offense Cases

Our recent successful cases include a university lecturer accused of sexually assaulting a student on Campus, a government civil servant who was alleged to have downloaded indecent material from the internet and an allegation of historic abuse, dating three decades, and an international athlete accused of raping his partner.

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