Lockdown boredom could lead to a knock at the door

At the time of posting this, we are still in the early stages of social isolation and moderate lockdown. We are still finding ways to occupy our time through the various social media platforms and communication but that will soon lead to boredom. With extra time on their hands and confined to their homes, many will use their time learning languages or new skills, others will look to explore beyond their normal boundaries.

For two decades the internet has provided easy access for adult content, through the multi million pound adult pornography industry. Such is the value and wealth of the industry that The New York Times reported that “Pornhub” were offering their premium service, normally valued at £9.99 per month, for free worldwide over a thirty day period to encourage people to stay inside and stem the spread of the virus. Whilst “Pornhub” have seen an excellent marketing opportunity they are not the only site and it is not uncommon for browsers to be directed to a large number of other sites which do not show adult content. Multiple preview windows can be open on one screen, if any of them contain images of underage pornography or extreme pornography, you can find yourself committing an offence. Individuals without a predilection for this type of material have been know to let their curiosity get the better of them. To search or even open such images will leave a digital footprint.

In these case police investigators are able to locate users of such material. Often they attend the addresses having obtained a warrant to seize all digital devices from the household in order to carry out a thorough forensic investigation. This can often take several months to conclude and in the meantime it has been necessary to purchase replacement devices.

Our main feature page in relation to these and other internet offences and what may happen next can be found here.

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