Acquittal in bones allotment murder trial

Jon Black helped our client secure an acquittal at the Old Bailey.

BSB Partner Jon Black, led by Michael Magarian QC, secured the acquittal of their client SL after a retrial. The defendant was originally charged with Murder and preventing the unlawful burial of his ex partner whose remains were found in an allotment in Walthamstow some 6 years after her disappearance. At the first trial in January the Judge dismissed the murder charge, however the jury could not decide on the Manslaughter charge.

The Police even employed a pair of undercover officer to befriend the defendant in order to secure a confession. However despite hours of covert recordings of conversations, the defendant  failed to provide the admission sought.

Even so, after a three year investigation, the CPS brought the charges against the defendant, basing their case on circumstances linking the defendant to the victim, the location of the bones and forensic experts who examined the bones. During the trial Mr Magarian successfully questioned the experts  findings regards to the distribution of the body and the time of death.

Between the trials Jon Black fought a vigorous campaign to secure bail which was finally granted weeks before the re-trial.

On 25th July, after a re trial, the defendant was found not guilty of both Manslaughter and preventing an unlawful burial by a majority verdict.

At the end of the trial The Judge commended the lawyers for the way in which the trial had been conducted, worthy praise after 14 months of hard work by both Jon Black and Michael Magarian whose track record as a successful team continues.