Supreme Court refuses bail decision application

The Government attempts to reverse the bail decision fell foul of the Supreme Court

Despite being refused leave to appeal by Mr Justice McCombe who didn’t believe his decision of 19 May would have the impact it appears to have had, the Government rushed through an application to the Supreme Court seeking a reversal of that decision.

The Dail Mail have raised the spectre of ‘compensation claims’ by criminals.

The Government decision to rush through legislation, which looks set to be in force by next week, contributed to the Supreme Court decision not to allow their legal challenge.

Some have observed how the police use bail as a tactic, especially when it comes to public protestors, and impose conditions or long bail back dates to try to ‘prevent disorder’.

However, as this all plays out against a back drop of legal aid ‘reforms‘ ostensibly on the grounds of costs, some of us wonder if the Government knows what it is doing?