Government exploring toughening crossbow rules

    Under current legislation, it is illegal for anyone under 18 to purchase or possess a crossbow, and anyone who carries a crossbow in public without reasonable excuse faces up to four years behind bars. The government is considering going further, launching a call for evidence to ask whether these rules are tough enough. … Continued

Pre-sentence Reports: Do they make a difference? A pre-sentence report is advice given to the court following the facts of the case, expert risks and needs assessments, including an independent sentencing proposal and additional relevant information. They must be as objective as possible and exist to assist the judiciary with sentencing. The number of pre-sentence reports … Continued

Sentencing Guidelines for Sexual Offences

The Sentencing Council has this week published revised sentencing guidelines for a number of sexual offences.These new guidelines will apply to those sentenced on or after 31 May 2022, and in one case to those sentenced on or after 1 July 2022. Which offences are covered by these changes? The revisions cover: Arranging or facilitating … Continued

Pre-charge Privacy

In a recent case, the Supreme Court considered the issue of privacy. The Court held that, in general, a person under criminal investigation has, prior to being charged, a reasonable expectation of privacy in respect of information relating to that investigation. Background ZXC (as he was referred to in the case) was a US citizen … Continued

Tinder Swindler – fact of click bait ?

  A number of cases have hit the news recently relating to scams or frauds carried out using Tinder. The Tinder app is available in nearly two hundred countries, with an average of 1.6 billion “swipes” per day. With 50 million users, there is a wide audience for scams and fraud. Malware is a common … Continued

Prisoner apprenticeships

  Timpsons frequently advertise on social media that they employ a large number of ex-offenders, and successfully. This may be something that we will be seeing more of following a recent government announcement. Dominic Raab, Lord Chancellor and Secretary of State for Justice, has announced the introduction of prisoner apprenticeships. Regulations will be brought in … Continued

Cyber laws

The government has introduced a “new world-leading law” to ensure consumers are better protected from hackers on their phones, smart TVs, fitness trackers, tablets and other devices that connect to the internet. Why? Research has shown that as many as four in five manufacturers in the UK do not put in place appropriate security measures. … Continued

Prosecution Time Limits

Last week the Defence Secretary Gavin Williamson suggested a 10-year time limit ( a Statute of Limitations) on the prosecution of soldiers accused of murder during military engagement. This proposal was in response to reports that British soldiers may face prosecution over deaths during the Northern Ireland troubles in the 1970s and 80s. So, what … Continued