Attending a police station for questioning in connection with a criminal investigation is designed to be a harrowing and uncomfortable experience. Often individuals will be asked to arrive for an interview at a date and time arranged in advance either to be arrested or as a voluntary attendance – the less fortunate may be arrested in public or after a dawn raid on their home or office and taken to the police station in handcuffs.

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The consequences of attending an interview unrepresented can be devastating. The impulse to panic and answer questions to secure a quick departure may be irresistible. Ensuring that you are fully aware of your rights on arrest and when in police custody and properly advised before you say anything is therefore vital.

Our lawyers negotiate will these choppy waters with you. Based on many years of experience and with an outstanding reputation for quality advice, we take a proactive approach in dealing with the police and investigating authorities in a setting where the niceties of courtroom etiquette rarely apply.

With a background in dealing with many public figures, BSB solicitors can also assist and advise you on how best to deal with any reputational damage that may follow an investigation and refer you to the right external advisers where necessary.

Often in an interview, you may be advised to say nothing or to give a written statement outlining your response to the allegations made. Whatever the nature of the case, our lawyers will ensure that you have time to think and prepare your response to the questions you are likely to be asked.

By making representations to the police on your behalf we may also be able to avoid any arrest, change the date of your interview or obtain advance disclosure of the evidence the police rely on. After leaving the station we can also deal with other problems that commonly arise after an arrest – such as varying bail conditions, relaxing travel prohibitions, or ensuring that DNA samples are erased from the national database.

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