If your case is sent to The Crown court You will be given a date by the Magistrates to appear at a Crown Court for a Plea and Trial Preparation hearing. If you plead not guilty at that hearing you will be given a date to return for your jury trial.
After you have pleaded not guilty we will use this time to prepare for your case, examine the evidence and interview witnesses. We will visit the crime scene if necessary and instruct forensic experts to help challenge the evidence.

The layout of the inside of the court varies. Not all courts have The Judge or Magistrates sitting loftily above everyone else. In fact, in most modern magistrates courts we are all on the same level. In most courts, you sit in a secure dock for all hearings, with your lawyer in the main part of the court in front of The Judge or Magistrates.

Wigs are worn by all barristers and many solicitor advocates in The Crown Court, but everyone wears a gown. No lawyer wears a wig or gown in The Magistrates Court.

If you are ever called to the crown court, contact BSB Solicitors for legal representation.