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Drug Crime Solicitors

Our Serious Crime Department has many years of experience in dealing with drug trafficking cases and other drugs offences such as the cultivation of cannabis or the supplying of drugs.

Our lawyers have a wealth of experience in the field and have acted in some of the leading drugs cases brought in the UK.

These offences include

•         Legal Highs & Psychoactive Substance Solicitors

         Importation of controlled drugs

•         Supply (social and commercial)

         Conspiracy to supply

         Possession with intent to supply

         Offering to supply  



They are generally tried in the Crown Court because the Magistrates Sentencing Powers of 6 months per office is at present, normally insufficient. 


The Sentences that the courts impose vary depending upon the offence, the role played, the quantity of drugs offered, the number of transactions, the purity of the drugs and previous convictions.

Cannabis, heroin, ecstasy, cocaine, amphetamine, prescription drugs and "legal highs" all carry their own level of the sentence.

Please contact us with details of the allegation and we will, of course, advise as to the possible sentences that the court may impose. It is possible in certain circumstances to argue for a suspended sentencedepending upon the above factors. For example, if the court is satisfied that you had bought the drugs as parof a pooled purchase with friends, or that you were distributing drugs on behalf of someone else in order to feed your own habitthe court may be more lenient. We have represented a number of clients successfully in these circumstances.

Fighting your case 

Often the police infer that simply because you are in possession of a larger than normal quantity of controlled drugs you are a dealer Weighing scales,  small bags or quantities of cash also allow police to infer that you may be involved in drug supply. Similarly, if you are in telephone contact with others known to be dealing it might be assumed that you are part of a conspiracy.  We will work with you to focus on the evidence and ensure these assumptions are challenged, it may be that we have to analyse 100s or 1000s  of text messages to tell the story; it may  necessary for us to instruct  on your behalf,  an  independent expert witness to assess the value and purity of the drugs in question  and consider whether it is what the prosecution says it isWe may need to trace and interview witnesses who can give evidence to support your defence that you are not a drug dealer or that you purchased the drugs in larger quantity for economic reasons. There are many variables and we are happy to discuss the approach with you.

We offer free and independent legal advice and assistance at the police station. We can be called to attend 24/7 in emergencies or we can arrange an appointment for you to attend the police station at a mutually convenient time. We often represent clients at the police station, who may have been arrested for being in possession with intent to supply, the advice provided can often lead to reduced charges or a caution.

If you are charged with a drugs offence you will always appear in The Magistrate's Court and your case could conclude in the Crown Court depending upon the seriousness of the allegation and the quantities involved. See our guide on going to court for further info. 

If you are convicted of selling or being concerned in the supply of drugs, the prosecution may apply for your assets to be confiscated as it may be the view that you financially benefitted from crime.

Jim Skelsey has extensive experience in acting for persons facing serious allegations involving the supply of drugs.


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