Allegations of Rape and Historical Sexual Offence are very much in the public eye.

How BSB Solicitors Can Help You With Historical Sexual Abuse Allegations

At BSB Solicitors, we have an excellent track record of defending private clients. We have a dedicated Private Client team that will advise you of every aspect of your case and give you advice and guidance whenever and wherever you want it.

In light of ongoing media coverage of historical sex abuse cases and the setting up of Operation Yewtree investigating cases of this nature, the number of individuals being investigated many years after the alleged events have increased. Historical sex abuse is undoubtedly emotive, controversial and complex. Prosecutions are based entirely on the complainant’s word against the defendant and there is no statute of limitations in reporting these offences.  Prosecutors often take the view that it is safer to put to compliant before a jury than to consign to the archived files.

Defending these cases is undoubtedly difficult, especially as they invariably involve complainants who were children or young teenagers at the time of the allegations. However, we have a solid reputation in defending cases of this nature and currently have a number of cases involving such allegations. Clients instruct us because of our immaculate attention to detail and our use of leading experts and barristers in this area.

What Your Case Involves

Many of these cases involve false/transferred memory; collusion; suggestibility and false confession which require expert testimony and commentary. The defence would focus on the complainants’ credibility as well as that of our client’s; there is rarely any scientific or corroborative evidence, so disclosure of evidence in these cases is fundamental.


Fees will vary depending on the level of seriousness of the case, the volume of material and the complexity of the matter. Hourly rates depend on the level of fee earner employed to do the work and are agreed in advance. A written estimate will be given. Sometimes Private Representation is the preferred choice over large monthly Legal Aid contributions.

BSB Criminal Solicitors

We are happy to advise in this area of law and have a dedicated team headed by Jonathan Black specialising in this. Please contact Mr Black in confidence to discuss any issues you may have. Contact Us