Immigration – Illegal Entry – A pointless deterrent ?

    Immigration – Illegal Entry  We have witnessed an increase in prosecutions for illegal entry into the UK or otherwise known as “small boat cases” . These are relatively arbitrary prosecution mounted against individuals selected for prosecution as a deterrent. The criteria as to who qualifies for prosecution is unclear.  The Nationality and Borders … Continued

Government bangs the law and order drum – what next ? – Part 1

New government policies and the party conference – Part 1 The Tory Party Conference has been taking place in Manchester, with several announcements being made that are relevant to the criminal justice system. Its taken Wayne Couzens to address  violence against women Wayne Couzens, the former police officer who pleaded guilty to the murder of … Continued

Criminal entry ? Priti’s vacant proposals

  The government recently announced a range of proposals regarding immigration, but how does this affect criminal law? Priti Patel, the Home Secretary, said it was the introduction of the most significant overhaul of the system in decades. The aim appears to be to prevent illegal entry into the UK, especially when people smugglers or … Continued