Discharge of the Jury

  Given the complexity of many criminal trials, it is inevitable that, from time to time, something will go wrong. A witness may give inadmissible evidence; the jury was shown something they ought not to have seen, or a judge or advocate making an inappropriate comment. When mistakes happen, all parties will wish to consider … Continued

The Colston Statue – Appeal or set in stone ?

  This week four people were acquitted of criminal damage after admitting to pulling down the Colston Statue in Bristol and throwing it into the Quay.   A number of commentators have expressed their outrage at the juries decision and have called for the Attorney General to appeal the acquittal. In this article, we discuss … Continued

client acquitted of firearm and drugs charges

Our client charged with possession of a firearm and ammunition with Intent to endanger life and possession of class A drugs with intent to supply was today unanimously acquitted of all charges at Wood Green Crown Court. The Jury were told that his DNA was found on the firearm and of  his previous conviction for … Continued