The police frequently offer a person suspected of committing a criminal offence an opportunity to voluntarily attend a police station for interview as opposed to arresting them for what is commonly referred to as a Caution + 3 interview.

If you are contacted by the police and invited to attend an interview under caution, we would advise as follows:-

  1. Cooperate – failure to do so is likely to result in the police arresting when you will then be taken into custody in order to be questioned.
  2. Arrange for a lawyer to attend to advise and assist you during the interview.

When we receive a call from a client who has been asked to attend the police station, we then contact the officer in the case to confirm a convenient time and obtain disclosure, which is an outline of the allegation. Sometimes the police will not provide this until we attend , but if they do it may give us an opportunity to prepare for the interview and advise you on the options for interview and possible outcomes.

You  are free to leave a voluntary interview at any time.

After the interview has concluded you may have to wait several months for the outcome of the investigation.

BSB Solicitors will be able to ensure you are legally represented. Everyone who is interviewed under caution is entitled to free legal advice which is not means tested under the legal aid scheme. We are also able to offer competitive private rates if you want to guarantee a Partner has conduct of your case and attend at your police interview.

If you have been invited for a voluntary interview please call us in 02078373456 or email our team.